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Traditional - Non-Traditional Ceremonies - Brazos Valley Wedding Officiant

Traditional – Non-Traditional Ceremonies

A “traditional” ceremony – what exactly is “traditional” ? Everyone has a slightly different mental image of a traditional ceremony. Long white dress, church, several bridesmaids and groomsmen, formal, heavy religious overtones, spiritual music, “for better or worse” vows.

Do you have to have a “traditional” ceremony? No, you do not. Period.

Your ceremony can be in the location of your choosing – as long as it is legal to be there! You can wear the clothing you wish – theme, denim, shorts, beachwear.

The processional (the “walk-in”) can be the “usual” where you walk down the aisle – or you can have a circle or semi-circle setup. The couple can walk themselves up the aisle or can walk with a family member or friend.

The ceremony itself can be romantic, fun, funny, serious, short, sweet, or any combination of these. And you may certainly have a “secular” ceremony without prayers or religion – and yes, there are many reasons to have a secular ceremony, most of which depends on you and your family’s cultural background.

All of the choices for your ceremony are entirely up to you!

Marriage is a serious commitment. No doubt about that sentiment at all. But you can have fun during your ceremony!

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