Sad Stories…

Okay – now on to the “Not So Great Wedding Ceremony Stories” part… these are second-hand, third-hand and some may be totally hearsay, but do you want to take the chance…??

And no, this is not the way we officiate!

* “My brother’s minister totally ruined his wedding by launching into a totally unexpected… and unrelated sermon… then he trailed off into complete silence… and then  opened up for an altar call – with the couple standing stunned at the altar… during the ceremony!!!!”  And when the perplexed guests just sat there (after being bored out of their minds for a long unrelated sermon), the minister then went on into the ceremony as though nothing unusual had happened… sigh…

* The officiant that showed up for the wedding was wearing sweats and tennis shoes… and had no intention of changing… for the couple’s fully formal wedding!

* One couple’s officiant cancelled their wedding on the Thursday before their Saturday wedding… via text message!  And no, he did NOT answer  the phone when they tried to call him back…

Sigh… and double-sigh… unprofessional? Not even close to professional… Don’t take a chance with your wedding day plans and memories.

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