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Unity Cross

Unity Cross

There are SOOO many mini-ceremonies that you can include within your ceremony to personalize your wedding – and new ones are created every day! The options to personalize your ceremony and mini-ceremony are endless! You can purchase the items needed or craft  them yourself and save money. Many of these can include your children and/or parents. Only include these ceremonies if they have meaning for both of you! – the mini-ceremonies add a few minutes to the length of the ceremony, but can be adjusted easily.

  • Unity Candle – The couple can light a candle at any point during the ceremony to symbolize uniting as one.
  • Sand Ceremony – Where candles are not permitted or feasible, the sand ceremony is an excellent mini-ceremony to symbolize uniting the couple and can even include children. To personalize the sand you can add colors, glitter, crystals, gemstones, or even small toys for the children.

    Sand Ceremony with Children...

    Sand Ceremony with Children…

  • Wine Ceremony – Choose two wines that complement each when blended – have fun but be responsible when testing!
  • Chocolate Ceremony – Two flavors of chocolate, usually bittersweet and sweet to show that you are joining together for the bittersweet moments as well as the sweet, tender moments in your marriage.
  • Stone/Crystal Ceremony – Have a box of stones and/or crystals for guests to pick up as they enter the ceremony. The guests are asked to say a blessing or prayer over each stone as they leave the ceremony. These stones can be a beautiful keepsake for the couple. If the stones have a smooth surface, the guests can write their blessings on the stone with permanent marker.
  • Hand-Binding, also called Hand-Fasting – The “tying” of the knot is the original idea of the hand-fasting long before rings were exchanged.
  • Unity Cross – A beautiful sculpture to display in the new couple’s home, and to remind them of their covenant of vows – abase to hold the assembled cross, the outside of the cross and the inside of the cross are assembled after the vows.

    Honoring the Parents at Your Wedding

    Honoring the Parents at Your Wedding

  • Wine Box & Love Letters -A box containing a bottle of wine, two glasses, and a love letter from each other, sealed into envelopes and they have not seen what the other has written. A very romantic time capsule for the anniversary of your choice.
  • Scriptural Readings or Poems – Many couples wish to have specific scriptural readings by a family member or the officiant.
  • Bouquet Ceremony – As the bride walks down the aisle, family members and friends hand her a flower to include in her bouquet.
  • Rose Ceremony – The couple exchanges a Rose as their very first gift to each other.
  • Ring Warming – The wedding rings are passed around to specific family members or guests to say a blessing over before the ring exchange.
  • Tree Ceremony – A small tree is chosen, soil from both of the parent’s homes is sprinkled on top and planted at the new couple’s home.
  • Hand Blessing – The couple joins hands and take a moment to breathe and look at the gift of their hands they have given each other.
  • Remembrance/Memorial – Taking a moment to light a candle or place a flower by the picture of those loved ones who have passed.
Hand-binding or Hand-fasting Ceremony

Hand-binding or Hand-fasting Ceremony

  • Balloon Release – For an outside ceremony, guests choose a balloon, write blessings/prayers and then release to the wind. Can also be used to remember those who have passed.
  • Honoring of Your Parents – A wonderful way to thank your moms and/or parents for all they have done for both of you.
  • Create Your Own Mini-Ceremony!




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