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Q: Do I have to have the ceremony in a church?

A: The only requirement for a ceremony is the couple and a valid license. Your ceremony can be held at your home… in a park.. where ever your heart desires (within legal boundaries, of course). In your back yard, your church, your living room, you decide!

Q: Due to the various religions (and atheists!) in our families, we want a celebration, not a heavy, spiritual ceremony – can you accommodate us?

A: Yes, we am available for spiritual or celebratory or even non-spiritual ceremonies – call and we’ll discuss the various parts of the ceremony and how we can help you create your specific ceremony.

Q: Do you have restrictions against certain parts of a ceremony (i.e., children in the ceremony, music, non-traditional vows, etc.) ?

A: There are no restrictions – ask if you are not sure! We love children in ceremonies! Definitely use lively music that speaks to your hearts! Non- traditional vows? We’ve heard almost everything that can be spoken or written – to give you peace of mind, ask me when we talk about your particular needs.

Q: Is it necessary to use  a standard set of vows – or can we use our own??

A: No, it is not necessary! Each ceremony can be personalized to suit each couple’s needs and wants. we will work with you to create the ceremony and vows that will make your day special.

Q: My fiance is very shy, Does he/she have to memorize vows and speak aloud?

A: Absolutely not, except for saying “I do” or “I will”. The ceremony should be full of joy and memories!… not the stress of remembering lines that will not necessarily come from their heart. An experienced officiant can personalize the vows and include any specifics wished for – a special story, a reading or poem or a mini-ceremony within the ceremony, whatever the couple wishes.

Q: Can quick elopements be accommodated?

A: Yes! – In Texas, the 72-hour waiting period after obtaining the license must be followed (unless in the case of a military person being shipped out, where a judge can usually be prevailed upon to allow less than 72-hours). The Texas license is good for 90 days. However, if you can wait just a few days, there is a premarital course that will save you $60 AND you can get married as soon as you get the marriage license in hand.

In Oklahoma, there is no waiting period, but you MUST have an officiant scheduled to meet you! Drive to the courthouse, get your license, get married! Oklahoma licenses are NOW valid for 30 days from the date of issue. Durant, Oklahoma (Hwy 75) is easy to get to and has very friendly office staff. Call and we can plan to meet in front of the courthouse in the gazebo! Please call ahead of your trip to the Oklahoma courthouse to schedule your day and time – 903-647-1284 or email:  revbodholdt@live.com

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