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Aaron & Stephanie’s Travel Theme Wedding…

Aaron and Stephanie – It’s simple, really – this young couple wanted their wedding and reception their way … and they did it! And all this was planned from their military station in Japan! An excerpt from the ceremony: “…the wedding of an Alaskan girl – born in Florida who[…] Read More →

Sad Stories…

Okay – now on to the “Not So Great Wedding Ceremony Stories” part… these are second-hand, third-hand and some may be totally hearsay, but do you want to take the chance…?? And no, this is not the way we officiate! * “My brother’s minister totally ruined his wedding by launching[…] Read More →

Traditional – Non-Traditional Ceremonies

A “traditional” ceremony – what exactly is “traditional” ? Everyone has a slightly different mental image of a traditional ceremony. Long white dress, church, several bridesmaids and groomsmen, formal, heavy religious overtones, spiritual music, “for better or worse” vows. Do you have to have a “traditional” ceremony? No, you do[…] Read More →

Aisle Runners? No!

Aisle Runner?? – Run the Other Way!!! In my humble opinion… and after watching dozens and dozens of  parents, escorts, groomsmen, bridesmaids … and myself trip on these  things… I say RUN THE OTHER WAY before purchasing one of these… One bride had spike heels – the heels punctured the runner[…] Read More →

The Texas Heat…

Okay, how many of you live in Texas?  How many of you are having your wedding in Texas?  All of you? Okay, here’s a very important tip – Texas is hot… another very important tip… Remember, Texas is hot in most of the months on the calendar (okay, not all,[…] Read More →