Aisle Runners? No!

Aisle Runner?? – Run the Other Way!!!

In my humble opinion… and after watching dozens and dozens of  parents, escorts, groomsmen, bridesmaids … and myself trip on these  things… I say RUN THE OTHER WAY before purchasing one of these…

One bride had spike heels – the heels punctured the runner on the  very first step – with all eyes turned to her, her father had to stop  and pull the aisle runner off of her heels before she took a header… down the aisle…

“They” (the people who make these runners?) say you should lift your feet when walking on the runners … not always an option for some people.

Another bride (and a friend! who I most definitely warned in advance) had a  beautiful, full length gown with four foot train that “scooped” up the aisle  runner (it was laid on short, flat carpet and tacked, taped AND held down by groomsmen, but…).  Needless  to say, there are several pictures of this bride with what appeared to be a giant toilet paper roll of aisle runner “chasing” her down the aisle… Fortunately she did not trip and laughed all the way down the aisle.

Sigh… Enough said?

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