Aaron & Stephanie’s Travel Theme Wedding…

Aaron and Stephanie – It’s simple, really – this young couple wanted their wedding and reception their way … and they did it! And all this was planned from their military station in Japan!

An excerpt from the ceremony: “…the wedding of an Alaskan girl – born in Florida who joined the Air Force and traveled all the way to Japan ! There she met an Austrian raised Croatian – from Texas! who had joined the Air Force and wound up in Japan and THEN they traveled all the way here to Texas to be wed.”

The ceremony was full of laughter, smiles, posing… and love…Aaron-Stephanie - headbanging-air-guitar This picture of them “dancing” shows them having fun, fun, fun… air guitar and head-banging…

At the reception, hubby and I had excellent conversations, delicious food … and cake! oh my, yummy! … (way to go, Dallas Affaires Cake Company !) and laughter and awww’s till the moment we had to leave for another wedding. (And even though I was not able to stay for the exit, I did snag some of the lavender seeds – my Tahoe smells lovely!)

Can I say it again? Yum! I’m rarely caught eating cake – can you imagine how wide I might be if I ate every single piece of wedding cake? However, I couldn’t resist Dallas Affaires delicious white cake… yum…

Thank you, Stephanie, Aaron and Brookhaven – we will remember it all…  Congratulations!

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